How LCR Meters Streamline Production Testing

Cars being assembled in an automobile manufacturing assembly line

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, ensuring the quality and reliability of electronic components is paramount. Production testing serves as a critical checkpoint, identifying defects and non-compliance before products reach the market. Among the arsenal of tools available for this…

Keysight PXI: A Guide to Modular Instrumentation

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SPAWAR) Pre-Installation Test and Check Out (PITCO) technicians Diana Burnside and Arnel Franswells perform acceptance testing on Consolidated Afloat Ships Network Enterprise Services (CANES)

In the ever-evolving world of test and measurement equipment, the modular Keysight PXI instrumentation platform boasts numerous advantages over traditional test equipment. PXI hardware is an ideal choice for those in need of precision and flexibility in their testing applications,…

The Difference Between Active and Passive Probes

Closeup of hand using an oscilloscope probe

When it comes to oscilloscope probes, one size does not fit all. Different measurement scenarios call for different types of probes, and understanding the differences between active and passive oscilloscope probes is crucial for accurate testing and analysis. In this…

LCR Meters and How They Differ From Digital Multimeters

Closeup of technician testing an electronic circuit board

When it comes to testing and analyzing electronic components, precision and accuracy are paramount. That’s where LCR meters come into play. These specialized instruments are designed to measure the electrical properties of passive components with exceptional precision. Today we will…

Demystifying Network Analyzers

Network cabling and hardware behind protective cage

In the realm of electronics and telecommunications, precision measurements are the cornerstone of innovation. Network analyzers are indispensable tools that engineers and researchers rely on to understand and optimize the performance of electronic devices and networks. There are three main…