Description: Keysight U2802A Thermocouple Input Signal Conditioner with 500 kSa/s maximum

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series USB Modular
Part Number U2802A

Keysight U2802A Thermocouple Input Signal Conditioner

The Keysight U2802A is a 31-channel Thermocouple Signal Conditioning Module with an implicit thermistor for cold junction compensation. The U2802A is intended to convert low input voltage signals (under ±100 mV) from a thermocouple into an output voltage range suitable for data acquisition gadgets (±10 V). The U2802A model can be utilized with the Agilent U2355A or U2356A model DAQ gadgets to empower temperature estimations utilizing thermocouples. It functions as an independent gadget connected to a single DAQ gadget by means of two SCSI-II 68 conductor links. The U2802A is compatible with eight standard thermocouple types and is appropriate for an extensive variety of uses in different modern conditions. In thermocouple input mode, the U2802A can procure up to ±100 mV input signals. Each channel incorporates an instrumentation amplifier and a 4 Hz low-pass filter. The low-pass filter expels undesirable noise from the thermocouple wires to get exact estimation information.

The U2802A incorporates an open thermocouple identification hardware to show the nearness of an open thermocouple. The Agilent Measurement Manager (AMM) programming enables the user to empower the open thermocouple identification highlight. The Keysight U2802A has 31 input channels that can be set autonomously to any differential thermocouple input mode, single-ended voltage input mode, or differential voltage input mode by utilizing two input channels arranged in voltage input mode.

This model can be configured for thermocouple or voltage input mode autonomously, has a built-in thermistor, focusing capacity, and isothermal development terminal square, along with a NIST traceable alignment.

SeriesUSB Modular
TypeThermocouple Input Signal Conditioner
Input Channels31
Maximum Sample Rate500 kSa/s
ResolutionUp to 16-bit
U2802A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download