Description: Keysight U2741A USB Modular Digital Multimeter with +12 VDC, 2 A maximum power consumption

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series USB Modular
Part Number U2741A

Keysight U2741A USB Modular Digital Multimeter

The Keysight U2741A is a 5½-digit digital multimeter (DMM), which is the most recent expansion to the Keysight's USB modular family. This model can work as an independent or modular unit when utilized with the U2781A USB model. The Keysight U2741A USB Modular Digital Multimeter is a tiny multimeter with tremendous abilities. It gives a wide scope of estimation capacities, including temperature and recurrence. The U2741A can catch a maximum of 100 readings/sec. It utilizes the regular non-proprietary standard rapid USB 2.0 interface that gives simplicity of network, enabling clients to set up and arrange their tests quickly with its fitting highlight. In addition, it comes packaged with the Keysight Modular Instruments Measurement Manager programming for quick setup.

The capability for this model to work as an independent or modular gadget permits extension and compact solutions when utilized with the other U2700A USB Modular Instruments. Giving clients greater adaptability, the U2741A Digital Multimeter is perfect with an extensive variety of user improvement situations, such as Keysight VEE, NI Labview, and Microsoft® Visual Studio®.

This model offers 100 pA Resolution at 1 μA range, parametric tests that include connectivity, test point measurement, leakage current, current-voltage source/measure, resistance measurement, high speed USB 2.0 (480 MBits/s) TMC488.2 compatibility, as well as standalone and modular capabilities.

If you are interested in this model and you want to learn more about its options, special features, and specifications, you can read its manual which is available on the

SeriesUSB Modular
TypeDigital Multimeter
Frequency Range20 Hz to 300 kHz
Frequency Accuracy0.0200 + 0.003
Power Consumption+12 VDC, 2 A maximum
U2741A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download