Description: U2702A Oscilloscope 32 Mpts Agilent / Keysight / HP

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series USB Modular
Part Number U2702A

Keysight U2702A Oscilloscope

The Keysight U2702A is a 200 MHz bandwidth Oscilloscope and can adaptably operate as an independent unit or as a secluded unit in the USB modular product chassis. This model has BenchVue programming for PC and eliminates many issues, making it easy to interface, control instruments, and automate the test sequences, the user can rapidly pass the improvement period of the test and access the results speedier than at any other time with only a couple of clicks. Dedicated instrument applications enable the user to rapidly design the most widely recognized estimations and settings for each Instrument family, so the user can quickly make custom test sequences with incorporated test flow application automate and visualize test results without the requirement for instrument programming. BenchVue supports many sorts of Keysight instruments and models, all in a simple way to use the application. The user can also control, automate, and simplify with BenchVue.

The Keysight Measurement Manager (KMM) is an application data software that accompanies the standard purchase of the U2702A USB modular instrument. This product is intended to enable the user to perform quick gadget setup, data logging, and data acquisition with the modular instruments.

The Command Loggger function included in this model enables clients to log SCPI or IVI-COM command sequences used to control the Keysight USB product. This function, likewise, catches the time each command is executed. The user can then review the configuration commands at their own pace, or change the commands to other programming languages with the KMM's Code Converter.

SeriesUSB Modular
BandwidthDC - 200 MHz
Sample Rate1 GSa/s
Maximum Memory Depth32 Mpts
U2702A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download