Description: Keysight U2541A USB Modular DAQ with 250 kSa/s maximum sample rate

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series USB Modular
Part Number U2541A

Keysight U2541A USB Modular DAQ

The Keysight U2541A offers multifunction abilities in a module. It can be utilized like a computerized multimeter in polling mode. It can be modified into a simple scope by utilizing the continuous mode with basic triggering abilities. If it is utilized as an independent module or linked to a U2541A USB modular instrument chassis, the synchronization and triggering abilities permit incredible adaptability in making the desired estimations. With the analog output having the capacity to send out predefined or subjective waveforms, this device is useful when closed loop feedback or stimulus is required. The digital IO channels consider closed loop control through associations with switches, relays, and solenoids. The burst mode empowers the U2541A to simulate simultaneous analog input acquisition.

The Keysight U2541A USB Modular Simultaneous DAQ is has the following accessories available for purchase: an AC/DC control connector, power cord, USB expansion link, L-mount kit, Quick Start Guide, Measurement Manager, USB Modular Products Reference CD-ROM, and an Automation-Ready CD-ROM.

There is also a USB Modular DAQ App inside BenchVue. This software for the PC makes it easy to associate, control, catch, and view different Keysight instruments without any extra programming. The user can determine answers quicker than at any other time by effortlessly reviewing, logging, and exporting estimation data and screen images with a couple of clicks from a single environment. With six distinctive display options, including grids and strip graphs, zooming in to points of interest is significantly less demanding.

SeriesUSB Modular
Channels4 differential input channels (software selectable/channel)
Resolution16 bits
Maximum Sample Rate250 kSa/s
U2541A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download