Description: Keysight U2531A USB Modular Multifunction DAQ with 2 MSa/s maximum sample rate

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series USB Modular
Part Number U2531A

Keysight U2531A USB Modular Multifunction DAQ

There are two analog output (AO) channels (12 bits) accessible on the Keysight U2531A Multifunction DAQ. The two analog outputs are equipped for providing output voltages in the range of 0 to 10 V and ±10 V. Each DAC channel drives a most extreme current of 5 mA. The two analog outputs can be utilized as voltage sources to the user’s device under test (DUT). Furthermore, the analog outputs are furnished with predefined function generators or any subjective waveform. The analog output activity mode is comprised of voltage output and continuous output modes. The continuous output mode is furnished with two capacities, which are function generator and arbitrary. The U2531A Multifunction DAQ is proficient enough to create sinusoidal, square, triangle, sawtooth waveforms, and noise.

By default, the inward reference voltage is 10 V on the Keysight U2531A USB Modular Multifunction DAQ. However, the outer reference can be provided through the outside reference input stick (AO_EXT_REF). The range of the DAC output is specifically identified with the reference. The analog output voltage can be created by increasing the computerized codes that are refreshed with the 10 V as an inner reference. In this way, when 10 V is taken as the inward reference, the full range would be – 10 V to +9.9951 V in bipolar output mode. On the other hand, the range would be 0 V to 9.9976 V in unipolar output mode. While utilizing an outside reference, the distinctive output voltage ranges can be accomplished by interfacing diverse reference voltage.

SeriesUSB Modular
TypeMultifunction DAQ
Channels4 differential input channels (software selectable/channel)
Resolution14 bits
Maximum Sample Rate2 MSa/s
U2531A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download