Description: Keysight U2355A Oscilloscope with DC input coupling

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series USB Modular
Part Number U2355A

Keysight U2355A Oscilloscope

The Keysight U2355A DAQ includes a 24-bit programmable computerized I/O and two 32-bit universally useful digital counters. Notwithstanding that, the U2355A is ready to perform analog and digital functions at full speed. It has a determination range of 12 to 16 bits, with no missing codes. It offers a self-adjustment capacity, which empowers the gadget to rearrange its offset inside the predefined accuracies and ranges.

This model gives a maximum of 64 single–ended (SE) or 32 differential analog input (DI) channels. The analog signal is converted to digital represented value by the A/D converter. With a specific end goal to get a more exact estimation from the A/D conversion, it is vital to comprehend the kind of signal source of analog input modes RSE, NRSE, and DIFF.

On the Keysight U2355A, a floating signal source is a signal that is not connected with the building's grounding framework. It is additionally a gadget with a secluded output (example of floating signal sources are optical isolator outputs, transformer outputs, and thermocouple).  Single-ended connections in the U2355A are applicable when the analog input signal is referenced to a ground and can be imparted to other analog input signals. There are two unique sorts of single-ended connections, which are RSE and NRSE configurations. The Single-Ended (RSE) mode available for this model is the one where all the input signals are connected to the ground provided by the U2355A DAQ and suitable for associations with floating signal sources.

SeriesUSB Modular
Channels64 SE/32 DI (software selectable/channel)
Sample Rate250 kSa/s
Resolution16 bits
U2355A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download