Description: E4447A PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer: 10 MHz analysis bandwidth

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series PSA Spectrum Analyzers
Part Number E4447A

Agilent PSA E4447A


The Agilent PSA Series was created in the year 2000; these spectrum analyzers offer high performance solutions to R&D and manufacturing engineers in the military forces (aerospace/defense) and communications.

The model E44447A gives unparalleled levels of measurement capability, has a frequency range between 3 Hz to 42.98 GHz and a carrier frequency range between 1 MHz to 42,98 GHZ. This model has a weight (without options) of 24 Kg (53 lb) and its cabinet dimensions are 177mm (7.0 in) of height, 426mm (16.8 in) of width and 483mm (19 in) of length. The dimensions exclude front and rear protrusions. The E4447A has +/- 0.19 dB of absolute amplitude accuracy, -118 dBv/Hz phase noise at 10KHz offset, -1255 dBm DANL, and 81 db W-CDMA ACLR dynamic ranges.

The Agilent PSA Series includes a wide variety of applications, such as I/Q analyzer for demodulation measurements, basic spectrum analyzer mode, Phase Noise, Noise Figure, Pulse, Stimulus Response, and power suite for 1-button press standards-based power measurements of signals found in the most common radio formats. In this series, the analyzer's ability to measure a low-level signal is limited by internally-generated noise. The measurement setup can be changed in bandwidth settings. When it is properly adjusted, it affects the level of internal noise without affecting the signal amplitude.

In the PSA series, the input attenuator is fixed at 10 dB when making the preselected measurements. The power requirements of the series are 100/120 V.

ModelE4447A Agilent PSA
SeriesPSA Agilent
TypeSpectrum Analyzer
VNA Frequency3 Hz to 42.98 GHz
Bandwidth10 MHz analysis bandwidth
Temperature RangeOperating Temperature: 0 degrees C to 55 degrees C
StatusOne Year
E4447A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download

E4447A FAQ- Agilent PSA

Frequently Asked Questions


What does it mean when my PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer shows error +605 Data Corrupt or Stale?


Error +605 indicates that the non-volatile RAM battery has expired. A replacement battery is needed.



Is there a video output option for the PSA Spectrum Analyzer?


Two different video outputs are available: options 124 and H7L.



What does “time gating” mean in relation to the PSA Series?


Time Gating is used in Spectrum Analysis to eliminate the effects of a pulsed RF signal when the user wants to observe the signal.



I would like to output the display of the PSA Series to an external VGA monitor. Is this possible?


Yes, the PSA Series has an external VGA output on the rear panel which can be used with external VGA monitors.