Description: Advanced DC Power Supply System 2000 W

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series N6900 Series
Part Number N6977A

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Keysight DC Power Supply N6977A

The N6977A is a flexible and market leading fast DC power system from Keysight Technologies. This model comes equipped with many efficient features and various remote programming interfaces. It comes with the GPIB (IEEE-488), LAN (LXI-Core), and USB connectivity options. The GPIB and the LAN parameters can be set by the front panel. This model also comes with a built-in web interface, which can control the power supply through the web browser.

The Keysight N6977A comes with a digital control port as well on the rear panel of the power supply. There are seven I/O pins to provide access to various control functions. The N6977A comes with a programming and measurement accuracy voltage of 0.03% +22 mV and a programming and measurement accuracy current of 0.04% +2 mA, with option 301. There is a black box recorder BBR hardware option as well. The black box recorder comes with a non-volatile memory and helps record the power events. It also records the voltage, current, and trigger events. The BBR enables the user to track power events for root cause analysis as well.

The Keysight N6977A offers excellent integrity during the load condition. This feature helps maintain a stable output voltage free of oscillations. This power supply has a fast transient response, which ensures less voltage drop. There are also high and low output bandwidth settings, which can tune the output of load. The N6977A DC power supply has a load regulation voltage of 4 mV and a load regulation current of 0.8 mA.

TypeDC Power Supply
Voltage160 V
Current12.5 A
Power2000 W
N6977A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download