Description: Advanced DC Power Supply System 2000 W

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series N6900 Series
Part Number N6976A

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Keysight DC Power Supply N6976A

The N6976A DC power supply is a high-performance instrument from Keysight Technologies. The power supply has the output voltage range of 120 volts. The output current capability of the instrument is up to 16.7 amperes. The N6976A power supply offers the power rating of 2000 watts. This model provides exceptional measurement features to the users, such as the capability of carrying out amp-hour and watt-hour measurements in real-time. The user can also include various optional functionalities for more features. These optional features permit the user to carry out current measurements across different ranges of the output voltage and enable the user to continuously log the external data for later analysis.

The Keysight N6976A DC power supply comes with smart options on the front panel. The system keys allow the user to switch the display to view various functional capabilities, such as menu, error, function, and help keys. The N6976A DC power supply incorporates industry standard interfaces and features, including an IEEE-448 standard GPIB interface. It also includes the built-in web server, which is LXI core 2011 compliant. The advanced interface and application features enable a remote programming capability. The instrument is programmed through the industry standard command set. It makes use of the SCPI command set. The user can also program the value of output resistance.

The N6976A DC power supply provides exceptional feature capabilities at the output, such as output disconnection relays for various testing requirements. This model also offers the two-quadrant operation at the output, which allows the instrument to source and sink the current.

TypeDC Power Supply
Voltage120 V
Current16.7 A
Power2000 W
N6976A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download