Description: Advanced DC Power Supply System 2000 W

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series N6900 Series
Part Number N6974A

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Keysight DC Power Supply N6974A

The N6974A is a high quality and advanced DC power supply from Keysight Technologies. The N6974A comes with the power rating of 2000 Watt. This model offers a built-in sequencing capability, which helps power-on or off the device during the testing process. It ensures sequencing on or off of many supplies and prevents damage to the device. The N6974A comes with an adjustable slew rate control as well. This model has two main modes to make measurements. These modes are average or digitized measurement modes. They guarantee accuracy and data capture at a high resolution.

The Keysight N6974A has a voltage source rating of 0 to 80 V and a load regulation voltage of 2 mV. The N6974A offers many front panel options, including an on/off switch, and system and control option keys. The N6974A DC power supply has a display on the front panel, which shows the operating modes, the voltage and current settings, and the voltage and current measurements as well. It also displays the remote interface activity and errors in the status area.

The Keysight N6974A power supply comes with the current rating of 0 to 25 A. This model provides disconnect and polarity reversal relays with options 760 and 761 added. It has the capability to switch voltages between positive and negative values. The disconnect relays also help to protect the test devices. It has programming and measurement accuracy voltage of 0.03% +12mV and a programming and measurement accuracy current of 0.04% +4 mA, with option 301.

TypeDC Power Supply
Voltage80 V
Current25 A
Power2000 W
N6974A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download