Description: N6950A Advanced Power System DC Power Supply Agilent / Keysight / HP

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series N6900 Series
Part Number N6950A

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Keysight DC Power Supply N6950A

The N6950A is the high-tech and reliable DC power supply from Keysight Technologies. This model offers smooth and clean DC power at the output. The N6950A comes with the output power rating of 1000 watts and a voltage range from 0 to 9 volts. The current of the instrument is 100 amperes. It is an advanced power system which incorporates exceptional smart features. The instrument offers a swift speed, even in tough engineering requirements. This model also has a low command processing time of less than two milli-seconds.

The N6950A DC power supply comes with built-in advanced measurement capabilities. These features enable the user to characterize the power profiles of various devices. It also enables the user to measure the dual voltage and current of DUTs with high accuracy. The user can measure the power, peak power, watt hour, and amp hour as well. The Keysight N6950A offers a fast up or down programming speed of three milli-seconds. These extraordinary capabilities make it suitable for ATE applications. These applications demand a critical high-performance level.

The Keysight N6950A DC power supply can also incorporate several optional capabilities, such as a data logging feature. The user can also add digitizers. These are added for voltage and current and enable the user to program the sample rates for it. The power supply is capable of sharing the output current. It does so for parallel outputs. The N6950A DC power supply comes with the detailed operation guide for users.

TypeDC Power Supply
Voltage9 V
Current100 A
Power1000 W
N6950A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download