Description: MXG MW Analog Signal Generator N5183AEP with 5 ms frequency switching speed

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series N51xx Signal Generators
Part Number N5183AEP

Agilent N5183AEP MXG Analog Signal Generator

The N5183AEP is a reliable MXG Analog Signal Generator from Agilent Technologies. The N5183AEP offers the frequency range of 100 kHz to 20 GHz. This model provides the performance needed for broadband component manufacturing up to 20 GHz. It also has the capability to provide a frequency switching time less than 5ms. This feature helps improve test times for applications, such as antenna tests and manufacturing.

The Agilent N5183AEP comes with excellent power and level accuracy, which makes the N5183AEP microwave a reliable stimulus. It helps in driving high power devices. The N5183AEP comes with many applications, such as LO substitution and an application for blocker/interferer signals. The N5183AEP is an ideal choice for radar and military communication as well. It has the capability to offer services as a transmitting source for the antenna test. It also has a reliable design with few assemblies. The N5183AEP offers a high output power of +18 dBm at 3.2 to 20 GHz.

The Agilent N5183AEP offers a fast frequency and amplitude switching speed. It comes with a switching speed of (< 900 micro s, 600 micro s typical). It also offers numerous interface options, which include 100 bT LAN (LXI class B) and USB 2.0 connectors for connectivity. This model has a GPIB interface for remote connectivity, which helps users access and control the instrument as per their convenience. The N5183AEP also provides amplitude, frequency and phase modulation capabilities. The Agilent N5183AEP signal generator offers a step attenuator as well. This model is an extremely helpful tool in education and research laboratories.

TypeMXG Analog Signal Generator
Frequency Range100 kHz to 20 GHz
Frequency Switching Speed5 ms
Output Power+18 dBm (optional)
N5183AEP ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download