Description: Baseband Studio for Waveform Streaming N5110A with 4 markers maximum

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series N51xx Signal Generators
Part Number N5110A

Agilent N5110A Baseband Studio for Waveform Streaming

The Agilent N5110A Baseband Studio for Waveform Streaming empowers the user to stream their own I/Q waveform data file from their PC hard drive through the E4438C ESG or E8267C PSG in real time. This feature liberates the user from the inner memory limitation to their current baseband signal source. With practically boundless memory, many hours of unique signal can be played back through the signal generator from a PC hard drive or drive array. With this apparatus, long signal scenarios imitating the genuine condition of the environment can be utilized to create and verify a design, taking out a great part of the need for costly field testing or custom test simulator development. 

The Agilent N5110A includes several optional configurations to tailor a streaming answer to the user’s application and stream waveforms from a PC hard drive at rates up to 40 MSa/s. Choosing Option 121 for the N5110A enables the user to stream waveform information from their PC's hard drive or hard drive array at rates up to 40 MSa/s, giving an adjustment transfer speed of around 32 MHz.  Option 121 is another popular feature, which is recommended for testing radar frameworks and wideband interchange frameworks. A long-time record of unique test signal combined with wide regulation data transmission is perfect for the simulation of complex radar emitters and target returns for components, transceivers, and early framework level tests. The high sample rate empowers the generation of wideband communication test signals, such as WLAN, WiMAX, custom OFDM, and multicarrier situations.

TypeBaseband Studio for Waveform Streaming
Compatible ModelsE4438C ESG or E8267C PSG
Data throughputUp to 40 megasamples/second (MSa/s)
Markers4 maximum
N5110A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download