Description: Keysight N2891A High Voltage Differential Probe with < 5 nsec rise time

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series Keysight Active Probes
Part Number N2891A

Keysight N2891A High Voltage Differential Probe

The Keysight N2891A is a ≥ 70 MHz Bandwidth, High Voltage Differential Probe. This probe features user-selectable attenuation settings and is a highly versatile probe that can be used for a wide range of applications. For proper use with either small or large components in places with limited access, the Keysight N2891A is offered with specially designed probe tip accessories. This model also features an over-range indicator to alert the user in case the input to probe exceeds the dynamic range. The Keysight N2891A is entirely compatible with almost any oscilloscope with at least one Mohm BNC Input.

This probe`s power is supplied through four AA size batteries. In addition, any USB host port of the PC or scope can be utilized for energization of the probe by means of a simple USB power cable. The Keysight N2891A has a capacity to measure differential voltage up to 700V. This model offers bandwidth and dynamic range sufficient to let the user deal with the floating measurements often found in power electronics circuits accurately and safely.

 To cater to the challenges of probing differential signals at extreme temperatures, the user can utilize this probe with the N7013A extension kit as well. The Keysight N2891A can withstand up to ± 7000 V (DC + Peak AC) max nondestructive voltage and has a maximum output voltage range of 7 V into 1 Mohm (1000:1). This probe also has a wide operating temperature range from –10 to 40 ºC.

TypeHigh Voltage DIfferential Probe
Bandwidth≥ 70 MHz
Rise Time≤ 5 nsec
Output Offset± 5 mV (typical)
Scope's Input Impedance1 Mohm BNC interface
Differential and Common Mode Voltage Rangeup to ±7000 V
N2891A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download