Description: Keysight N2796A Active Probe with 175 psec rise time

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series Keysight Active Probes
Part Number N2796A

Keysight N2796A Active Probe

The Keysight N2796A is a single-ended, new generation low-cost Active Probe equipped with an AutoProbe Interface. This probe has 2 GHz bandwidth and is designed to withstand harsh temperature environments within a range of –40 to +85 °C.  The Keysight N2796A comes equipped with a bright, white built-in headlight to keep the circuit under test well lit. This probe receives power from the Infiniium and InfiniiVision AutoProbe interfaces, so the user does not need an additional power supply.

The N2796A is an ideal solution for today`s high-speed and complicated probing needs, especially in component characterization, digital system design, and educational research applications. With an extremely low input capacitance of around one pF and high input resistance around 1MΩ, this probe offers ultra-fast loading of the device under test (DUT). In addition, the superior signal fidelity makes this model a suitable choice for most of the digital logic voltages. The Keysight N2796A has ±12 V offset range and ±8 V dynamic range which enables it to be used in a variety of applications.

 The combination of Keysight 1 GHz bandwidth oscilloscopes from InfiniiVision or Infiniium Series and the N2796A can be considered a viable solution for high signal integrity probing. This model can also be used with Keysight 2.5 GHz and even higher bandwidth oscilloscopes. The Keysight N2796A is offered with numerous accessories that allow for hassle free connections to the circuit under test. The rugged probe tips of this single-ended probe make it capable of handling environmental chamber testing for devices and ICs.

TypeActive Probe
Bandwidth2 GHz
Rise Time175 psec
Input Dynamic Range–8 V to +8 V (DC or peak AC)
Offset Range±12 V
Cable Length1.3 m
Probe WeightApprox. 100 g
N2796A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download