Description: Keysight 85130F Test Port Adapter with dc to 26.5 GHz frequency range

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series Keysight Accessories
Part Number 85130F

Keysight 85130F Test Port Adapter

The Keysight 85130F Test Port Adapter is intended to secure the test set port when it would be straightforwardly associated with the gadget under test. These connectors have a rugged female connector intended for associating with the system analyzer’s test port. This connector will not mate with a standard male connector; however, it converts the rugged test set port to an association that can be mated with the gadget under test. The set contains a 2.4 mm to PSC-3.5 mm male connector and a 2.4 mm to PSC-3.5 mm female connector.

The frequency range for these connectors is dc to 26.5 GHz with a return loss of 26 dB or better. For outside trigger mode, a trigger signal must be provided at the Ext Trigger connector on the front board. This input is AC-coupled with an impedance of 1K ohm, so any signal with a sharp rising or falling transition more noteworthy than 100 mV (for instance, TTL or ECL logic) can be utilized as an outer trigger source. The minimum pulse width is 300 ns. The input can be either AC or DC coupled. AC coupling empowers the framework to measure low level AC signals within the sight of an extensive DC offset. In 0-36 MHz mode, the input signal experiences the lower path in the block diagram. In this mode, no attenuation happens in the module.

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TypeTest Port Adapter
Frequency Rangedc to 26.5 GHz
Adapters2.4 mm to PSC-3.5 mm male adapter and a 2.4 mm to
PSC-3.5 mm female adapter
Return Loss>26 dB
85130F ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download