Description: Keysight 16117B Low Noise Test Lead with 1000 V max.

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series Keysight Accessories
Part Number 16117B

Keysight 16117B Low Noise Test Lead

The Keysight 16117B is a Low Noise Test Lead designed to operate with the 4339A/B High Resistance Meter. These test leads are used to measure insulation resistance; they are featured with an interlock circuit to ensure high-voltage safety. This model offers 1000 V (max) applicable test voltage and 0.5 mA (max) applicable test current. The total length of the Keysight 16117B test lead is 1 m (connector to clip). This model comes with a wide resistance measurement range of 1 x 10^3 to 1 x 10^11 Ω.

For different testing requirements, the Keysight 16117B can also be purchased with specific optional products such as Option 001, Option 002, and Option 003. These options can bring pin probes, soldering sockets, and alligator clips respectively, as required. This model comes with a flexible operating range, since it can be operated within an ambient temperature range of 0 to +55 degrees C and up to 40% RH at 40 degrees C.

The Keysight 16117B comes with an interlock function, which ensures safety since it enables and disables the flow of the source voltage. While the interlock connector is disconnected, there will be no application of the source voltage. In addition, the current limit function is set at 0.5 mA by the interlock circuit. The adaptor of the Keysight 16117B features a triaxial connector. Thus, the measured signal is always carried on the middle conductor of this connector. In addition, a specially designed BNC connector is provided, which is used to transport the source voltage to the 16117B.

ManufacturerKeysight Agilent HP
TypeLow Noise Test Lead
For use with:4339A/B
Maximum Voltage1000 V
Maximum Current0.5 mA
16117B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download