Description: Agilent Infiniium 8000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series Infiniium 8000 Series
Part Number MSO8104A

Keysight MSO8104A Infiniium Oscilloscope

Featured with 1 GHz Bandwidth, 16 Digital (logical) Channels, and 4 Scope Channels, the Keysight MSO8104A Infiniium Mixed Signal Oscilloscope is a powerful instrument with unmatched acquisition performance and a high-definition display. Its display is a function of the MegaZoom III technology this model incorporates. With MegaZoom technology, the user can quickly pan and zoom across the deepest waveforms for more in-depth analysis.  This model allows pattern and mixed-signal triggering across all digital and analog channels. It comes with a Windows based touchscreen designed to provide drag and drop based measurements.

The Keysight MSO8104A features a QuickMeas+ Key that can be configured to provide the user any five automated measurements with the pressing of a button alone. This key can also be configured to store screen images, along with various other functions. This model has an HD High-definition XGA color display designed with 256 levels of intensity, which is capable of uncovering signal details that most other oscilloscopes cannot show. It also has a front panel USB 2.0 port for easy transferring of waveform data and images.

This model also features an AutoProbe interface, which is an intelligent solution designed to control various current and active probes. It can even handle InfiniiMax active probes. This model comes shipped with four 10073C 10:1 divider passive proves. However, the user can also choose to go with several other application-specific probes, since they are compatible with the Keysight MSO8104A. The Keysight MSO8104A comes with a state-of-the-art front panel, enriched with context-sensitive right-click menus. In addition, it also comes with a comprehensive built-in information system to provide users with step-by-instructions for many measurement procedures.

SeriesInfiniium 8000
TypeMixed Signal Oscilloscope
Channels4 +16 digital
Bandwidth1 GHz
Sample Rate2 GSa/s for every channel
MSO8104A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download