Description: Agilent Infiniium 8000 Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series Infiniium 8000 Series
Part Number DSO8104A

Keysight DSO8104A Infiniium Oscilloscope

Featured with 1 GHz bandwidth, 4 Scope Channels, 2 GSa/s Sample Rate, and tremendous measurement capabilities, the Keysight DSO8104A is a Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope from the Infiniium 8000 Series. This model has 4 Mpts deep, responsive memory, thus providing the user with a chance to capture extended time periods at fast sample rates, ensuring precise and perfect representation of analog signals.

This model comes with advanced triggers, which are very helpful in the investigation of suspected problems. The Keysight DSO8104A can also trigger on one of the three standard TV waveforms: 625 lines/50 Hz (PAL), 525 lines/60 Hz (NTSC), or a custom defined waveform as well. Apart from the hardware-based triggering, software-based triggering is also possible with the help of InfiniiScan (Option 009) event identification software.

With a capability to receive both 50 Ω and 1 MΩ inputs, the Keysight DSO8104A Infiniium Oscilloscope can be used with a variety of probes, such as the ones from the InfiniiMax Series. In its standard configuration, the instrument is shipped with four 10073C 10:1 divider passive probe per scope. For the optimum controlling of various current and active probes, this model features an AutoProbe Interface as well.

The Keysight DSO8104A comes with a front panel USB 2.0 port, which makes it easy for the user to transfer files to a USB drive. It also has a robust, analog-like front panel control scheme with proper color-coding to correspond to the waveforms being displayed. This model is an Open Window XP Pro based instrument, thus the user can install third-party application to perform custom processing easily.

SeriesInfiniium 8000
TypeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
Bandwidth1 GHz
Sample Rate2 GSa/s for every channel
DSO8104A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download