Description: Optical Modulation Generator Software 81195A Signal Generators Agilent / Keysight / HP High Performance Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series High Performance Arbitrary Waveform Generators
Part Number 81195A

Keysight 81195A Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The Keysight 81195A Waveform Generator includes an Optical Modulation Generation Software that introduces another approach on optical tests. When it is combined with the M8195A AWG, it speeds up the test by a factor up to 100 with its real-time mode. This helps design specialists of long-haul and metro optical transmission applications amplify test effectiveness and reduce development time and cost. 

The 81195A Arbitrary Waveform Generator produces dual-I/Q signals for polarization-multiplexed coherent signal transmission tests with characterized signal parameters and optical signal properties. In conjunction with the M8195A 4-channel AWG, it generates transmission signals with up to 32 GBaud and up to 8 GSym for every channel, while utilizing a solitary M8195A module in real-time encoding mode (option RSP).

The Option OSP available in this model permits the client to copy optical signal properties and receiver stress conditions (including phase noise, polarization revolution and polarization mode dispersion) on the M8195A or the M8196A AWG. In combination with option RSP, the parameters of these signal properties can be changed as the user sees fit on the M8195A, without the need to download another waveform. This option, in combination with the M8195A, provides the capacity to integrate optical indicator properties like phase noise (laser line width), polarization control (polarization revolution > 1000 krad/s), and static polarization mode dispersion (PMD) up to 218 ps. The Keysight 81195A also generates double I/Q signals (BPSK …. QAM256) for adaptable signal parameters (e. G. pulse shape and delay) starting with 8 GSym for every I/Q pair.


SeriesHigh-Performance Arbitrary Waveform Generators
TypeOptical Modulation Generation Software
Frequency Offset Range–2.9 to +2.9 GHz
Pattern Advanced Rate7.6 kHz to 500 MHz at 64 GSa/s
Pattern Length3600 steps
SOP Angular Step0.1°
81195A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download