Description: PSG Vector Signal Generator E8267C with +17 to -130 dBm output power range

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series E82xx PSG Signal Generators
Part Number E8267C

Agilent E8267C Vector Signal Generator

The Agilent E8267C Vector Signal Generator uses I/Q regulation to reenact pulse motions in one incorporated instrument. Presently, arbitrary waveforms representing pulsed radar signals can be characterized in the time area utilizing Agilent's Signal Studio for pulse building, Advanced Design System (ADS), or even MATLAB programming. Utilizing vector modulated arbitrary waveforms eliminates a large number of the synchronization issues related with pulse regulated signals utilizing traditional analog procedures. Likewise, the E8267C Vector Signal Generator's deep playback memory and waveform sequencing encourages the generation of complex pulse test designs for radar receiver tests.

From subsystem tests through assembling and post-launch verification, there is a need to guarantee that every module or radio will work legitimately when it is integrated into the end-to-end communication framework. Traditionally, either "brilliant gadgets" or a mix of test hardware was utilized to produce the desired microwave test signals. These kinds of arrangements are for the most part un-adjusted and cost intensive. With the E8267C Vector Signal Generator, the user is putting resources into an ensured execution in one instrument. The E8267C can adjust to the user’s test conditions, enabling them to beat interoperability challenges with an expansive range of capacities.

The E8267C Signal Generator offers superior and creative capacities that surpass other microwave signal generators. To improve non-direct gadget portrayal, the E8267C Vector Signal Generator gives application specific personalities for performing two-tone and multi-tone signal generation.

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SeriesPSG Series
TypeVector Signal Generator
Frequency Range250 kHz to 20 GHz
Output Power Range+17 to -130 dBm
Switching Speed< 12 ms (typical)
DImensions7” H x 16.8” W x 19.6” D in.
Weight48 lb.
E8267C ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download