Description: Performance Signal Generator with 250 kHz to 20 GHz frequency range

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series E82xx PSG Signal Generators
Part Number E8241A

Keysight E8241A Signal Generator

The Keysight E8241A Signal Generator is perfectly suited for design and test frameworks with high frequencies, wide transmission capacities, and complex modulation formats. Broadband component makers would now be able to quicken configuration time, simplify test, lessen estimation uncertainty, and streamline generation by joining the E8241A into their design and creation cycles. This model gives 20 dBm at 20 GHz and 14 dBm at 40 GHz, wiping out the requirement for outside intensifiers and decreasing general hardware and test costs amid creation test for MMDS, LMDS, point-to-point radios utilizing microwave sources as LOs and to test converters, handsets, ODU's and radios.

The E8241A belongs to the PSG-L Series of Performance Signal Generators, which is enhanced to local oscillator (LO) and offers an industry leading cost and execution. This model’s frequency range extends from 250 kHz to 20 GHz. This model also comes standard with a millimeter head interface that is perfect with Agilent 83550 Series millimeter heads for frequency coverage to 110 GHz. The E8241A has Option 1EA available for enough energy to drive millimeter heads straightforwardly, which takes out the requirement for an outer amplifier.

The E8241A Signal Generator has the digital sweep functions list and step with the power to calibrate each point at the test port by utilizing the user flatness correction. The E8241A also furnishes the expansive frequency range accessible with a microwave source. This lessens the user’s requirement for an expansion RF source to test at low frequencies. Both highlights improve test setups and decrease costs.

The manual for this model is available at the

SeriesPSG-L Series
TypePerformance Signal Generator
Frequency Range250 kHz to 20 GHz
Resolution0.01 Hz
CompatibilityAgilent 83550 Series millimeter heads
Dimensions7” H x 16.8” W x 19.6” D
Weight48 lb.
E8241A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download