Description: E36103A Power Supply 40 W Power Agilent / Keysight / HP

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series E36100 Series
Part Number E36103A

Keysight DC Power Supply E36102A

The E36103A is the high-tech DC power supply from Keysight Technologies. This model is compact size. Since it is a 2U 1/4-rack size, it will help the user save space on the bench. The E36103A offers a programming accuracy voltage of 0.05% + 7 mV and a programming accuracy current of 0.05% + 1 mA. This model also has an output power of 40 W and an output rating current of 2A.

The Keysight E36103A DC power supply delivers many useful features, such as an excellent voltage and current programming capability. The E36103A comes with a low power current measurement capability, which ensures characterization of low power devices over a wide range. This model provides built-in overvoltage and overcurrent protection, along with built-in over-temperature protection. These protection features ensure power supply safety. The E36103A has a ripple and noise voltage of RMS 2 mV, a ripple and noise peak to peak Voltage of 30 mV, and a ripple and noise current of RMS 1mA.

The Keysight E36103A comes with I/O interface options, including a standard LAN (LXI Core) and USB 2.0 FS (TMC488). These interfaces enable connection to a PC. The E36103A also has two switches on the bottom, which help convert the power supply to different main power sources. It has a read back accuracy voltage 0.05% + 5 mV and the readback accuracy current of 0.05% + 1 mA. The E36103A DC power supply has a load regulation voltage of 3 mV and a load regulation current of 100 µA.

TypeDC Power Supply
Max. Voltage20 V
Max. Current2 A
E36103A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download