Description: Model Number 6291A Agilent / Keysight Power Supply

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series DC Power Supplies
Part Number 6291A

The 6291A power supply is designed to suit for bench applications. It offers amazing and smart operational features. These features are easy to understand and use. The 6291A power supply offers an interface that is user-friendly. They are also in accordance with specified industry standards. The power supply operates at input AC voltage of 105 to 125 volts. The input supply must be single phase. The input current is 5.5 A, and power is 280 watts. The operating frequency range is 50 to 60 Hz. The supply offers 0 to 40 volts at the output. The value of output current ranges from 0 to 5 A for 6291A.


The 6291A has load regulation of 0.01 % plus 1 mV at the constant voltage. It is for a full load to no load change in output current. The constant current load regulation is less than 0.05 % plus 1 mA. It is for zero to the maximum change in voltage at output terminals. The line regulations are less than 0.01 % plus 1 mV for constant voltage mode. The line regulation for constant current mode is less than 0.05 % plus 1 mA. The 6291A implements phenomenal error sensing mechanism. It is accomplished at the front panel terminals. It is also provided with the rear terminal strip. It is used for remote sensing feature.


The 6291A incorporates remote programming features. The output of the supply is programmed using this mechanism. It uses the resistance of value 200 Ohms per volt. It is done in constant voltage mode. The terminals at the rear panel enable this amazing functionality. The user can also program current controls. It is done in constant current mode. The 6291A power supply makes use of 200 Ohms resistance per ampere.