Description: Keysight B2901A Precision Source/Measure Unit with 1 channel

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series B2900A Series
Part Number B2901A

Keysight B2901A Precision Source/Measure Unit

The Keysight B2901A is a 210 Volt, 3 Ampere, 1-Channel Precision Source/Measure Unit. This model supports one-channel configuration and offers 1 pA /1 μV minimum source and 100 fA/100 nV minimum measure resolution. The Keysight B2901A is a cost-effective and compact bench-top type SMU with the ability to acquire and measure both current and voltage. With this model, the user can perform Current vs. Voltage measurements simply and with high precision. The 4-quadrant acquisition and measurement capabilities prevent the user from the trouble of configuring multiple instruments. The 10 ms digitizing capability allows this model to capture low-frequency phenomenon.

This model comes with multiple remote-control options, such as BenchVue and B2900A. The Keysight B2901A is an ideal choice for the testing of semiconductors and passive components, such as diodes, LEDs, Sensors, FETs, and BJTs. This model has a 4.3-inch color LCD that supports both numerical and graphical view modes. For programming and easy integration into stack and rack systems, the Keysight B2901A comes with multiple communication interfaces, including LAN, USB 2.0, and GPIB.

The Keysight B2901A Source/Measure Unit comes equipped with an integrated sweep capability that works with all the standard and typical sweep parameters, such as single and double sweep functions, linear and logarithmic modes, and constant and pulsed sweep operation. With this model, the user can initiate the sweep measurement option under remote control via SCPI commands. To mitigate the issues usually faced during the measurement of large capacitive loads, this model has a separate mode called high capacitance mode. In this mode, the user can work with large capacitive loads without facing any SMU oscillation.

ManufacturerKeysight Agilent HP
SeriesB2900A Series
TypePrecision Source/Measure Unit
Measurement Resolution100 fA and 100 nV
Sampling Rate50,000 points/s
B2901A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download