Description: Digital Storage Oscilloscope 2 Ch, 16 Digi. 1 GHz, 2 Gsa/s 8 Mpts

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series Agilent 6000A Series Oscilloscopes
Part Number DSO6102A

Keysight Digital Storage Oscilloscope DSO6102A

The DSO6102A is a high-frequency digital storage oscilloscope from Keysight Technologies. It comes with exceptional high-performance capabilities and advanced features. This model offers the frequency range of 1 GHz, two built-in channels, and a sample rate of 4 GSa per seconds. The DSA6102A incorporates the high-tech MegaZoom III deep memory with a memory of eight Mpts. The display resolution is 1024x768 pixels. 

The DSO6102A digital storage oscilloscope incorporates the interface for auto-probe, which enables the auto-configuration of various parameters, including the adjustment of the attenuation ratio of the probe. It also provides power to active probes. The DSO6102A digital storage oscilloscope implements many advanced mechanisms, such as maximizing the sample rate and resolution of the equipment. The model automatically adjusts memory depth according to the testing and analysis requirements. The DSO6012A also incorporates various standard interfaces at the rear panel, such as trig out port, XGA video output port, USB, LAN, and GPIB interfaces. The trig out port enables the user to quickly synchronize the port to external instruments. The user can view the measurements on the large external monitor by using the XGA video port. The USB, LAN, and GPIB ports enable the PC and printer connectivity.

The DSO6102A digital storage oscilloscope offers an exceptional value for peak detection time, which is 250 ps. This model incorporates a real-time clock. The user can adjust the time and date manually. The DSO6102A digital oscilloscope has automatic measurement procedures available. This model also allows the user to save and recall as many as ten setups or traces.

TypeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
Bandwidth1 GHz
Maximum Memory Depth8 Mpts
DSO6102A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download