Description: Digital Storage Oscilloscope 4 Ch, 16 Digi. 300 MHz, 2 Gsa/s 8 Mpts

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series Agilent 6000A Series Oscilloscopes
Part Number DSO6034A

Keysight Digital Storage Oscilloscope DSO6034A               

The DSO6034A is the four channel digital oscilloscope from Keysight Technologies. This model comes with the frequency measurement capability of 300 MHz, which allows the user to carry out extremely fast and accurate measurements, including the acquisition and analysis of different signals. It includes analog, digital, and serial signals in real-time. The user can trigger it through the various combination of input channels. The user can also analyze various logic patterns and serial data streams. The DSO6034A also provides several connectivity options, such as USB, LAN, GPIB, and XGA video output interfaces. These are industry standard interfaces for inter-communication among numerous devices.

The DSO6034A comes with the capability to work with software applications and permits the user to trigger various measurement capabilities, such as I2C, CAN/LIN, FlexRay, USB, RS-232, UART, SPI, Video, and analog HDTV/EDTV. The DSO6034A also incorporates many control features on the front and rear panel. It has a built-in intensity knob on the front panel, which allows for adjusting the different level of waveforms. This enables the user to analyze the signal in more detail. This model also incorporates a built-in mechanism for web-viewer capabilities. It enables the remote measurement and control features through LAN interfacing.

The DSO6034A digital storage oscilloscope has a built-in reference in/out port incorporated at the rear panel of the instrument, with a 10 MHz in/out frequency. This helps synchronize multiple instruments for different measurement requirements. The DSO6034A also has the in-house storage compartment, which allows the user to store small accessories, such as probes and a power cord. This enables quick access to accessories and easy transportation for users.

TypeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
Bandwidth300 MHz
Maximum Memory Depth8 Mpts
DSO6034A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download