Description: Network Analyzer 8753A with 1 Hz resolution

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 8753 Network Analyzers
Part Number 8753A

Keysight 8753A Network Analyzer

The 8753A is an advanced RF network analyzer from Keysight Technologies. The low-end frequency measurement limit of 8753A network analyzer is 300 kHz. The high-end frequency range is 3 GHz. The network analyzer offers an output range from -5 to 20 dBm. The receiver sensitivity for input noise level has a value of -90 dBm. This value is in the tuned state of the receiver. It enables the user to perform accurate measurements. The 8753A also provides exceptional resolution of 0.001 dB.

The 8753A network analyzer incorporates the synthesized RF source with a frequency range of 1 Hz. It also integrates the dual channel input receiver. The receiver has three inputs and allows the user to measure the magnitude, phase, and group delay. These measurements are carried out for reflected and transmitted power signals. The device is also capable of transforming data from frequency to time domain. The 8753A implements the built-in mechanism to improve accuracy. This feature ensures that the network analyzer will meet the high industry standards for R&D requirements. Another great function of this model is that the user can save the measurement data and recall it for later analysis. The data can additionally be stored on an external disc or drive.

The 8753A network analyzer comes with a built-in test set, which permits the user to characterize the linear behavior of different devices. These devices include either active or passive network elements. The network analyzer incorporates two display channels on the front panel of the instrument. The display channels allow the user to view measurement data in real time.

Series8753 Series
TypeNetwork Analyzer
Frequency Range300 kHz to 3 GHz
Frequency Resolution1 Hz
Power Range-5 to +20 dBm
8753A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download