Description: Mixer Measurement Upgrade for Keysight 8753C

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 8753 Network Analyzers
Part Number 86387B

Keysight 86387B Mixer Measurement Upgrade for Keysight 8753C

The 86387B is the upgrade measurement accessory from Keysight Technologies. It is a low-cost solution that helps enable many advanced capabilities. It is specifically implemented for the Keysight NA 8753C. The measurement capabilities of the 8753C are greatly enhanced. These features are of advanced E series of network analyzers. The measurement accuracy and speed of the equipment is also improved. The upgrade also helps to remove the bugs present in the older version of the firmware. The upgrade kit is guaranteed to meet the high-performance requirements. These are in accordance with the industry standards.

The 86387B package incorporates the measurement capabilities for the mixer measurements. The package also includes hardware and firmware upgrades. The hardware upgrade is for phase lock capabilities. The firmware version upgrade incorporates the revision 4.1. The new firmware enables many smart soft features. The user interface offered is very flexible. It enables the user to navigate through the menu with ease. These smart features improve the network measurement environment for users. The advanced application mechanism also helps RF engineers. They implement it for testing RF components. These tests are carried out for the design and development of new components. This model allows the user to improve the performance of existing components.

The complete installation of the 86387B package is done at a Keysight service center, which ensures a smooth upgrade for both the hardware and software parts. A detailed manual is provided for the 86387B mixer measurement upgrade. It contains complete information about core functionalities incorporated with the 86387B and is available for download on the apexwaves.com

Series8753 Series
TypeMixer Measurement Upgrade Kit
Compatible Models8753C
86387B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download