Description: High-Performance Signal Generator 6 GHz 8665B

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 86xx Signal Generators
Part Number 8665B

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Agilent 8665B Signal Generator

The Agilent 8665B signal generator is suited for essential receiver testing up to 6 GHz. With Option 004 (low-noise upgrade), it can be utilized for out-of-channel receiver testing or as a clock source where having the most minimal stage jitter is imperative. Radar testing should be possible by including Option 008 (pulse modulation). Pulse width and deferral can be inside balanced between 50 ns and 999 ns, taking out the requirement for an outer pulse generator. Standard FM rates of up to 2 MHz and deviations to 20 MHz are reasonable for some applications, for example, fast computerized interchanges. The inner balance source produces sine, square, triangle or sawtooth waveforms. For applications requesting the most reduced RF spillage, Option 010 gives expanded RF protecting

This model has the most noteworthy RF Frequency Coverage, and is able to do Low SSB phase noise (Option 8665B-004), AM and wideband FM, High execution pulse modulation (Option 8665B-008), Ultra low leakage (Option 8665B-010). The 8665B model incorporates average rates to 5 MHz with 2 MHz of deviation, or rates to 800 kHz with 10 MHz of deviation (fc > 1500 MHz) that permits testing of most wideband receivers, Excellent FM linearity is inborn because of YIG oscillator outline and Stable dc-coupled FM for estimations that require low bearer float.

An Agilent outlined GaAs Pulse Modulator gives the extraordinary execution that is so basic for pulse applications. This model has < 5 ns rise/fall times, > 80 dB on/off proportion, Built-in pulse generator highlights incorporate variable pulse postponement and a width that spares buying extra gear and Leveled RF output keeps up exactness while in pulse modulation.