Description: High-Performance Signal Generator 4.2 GHz 8665A

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 86xx Signal Generators
Part Number 8665A

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Agilent 8665A Signal Generator

The Agilent HP 8665A Signal Generator is suited for essential receiver testing up to 4.2 GHz. This model has < - 140 dBc/Hz common SSB phase noise at 20 kHz balance at 1 GHz with Option 004 and < - 100 dBc nonharmonic spurious to 2 GHz decreases blunder when testing spurious insusceptibility of receivers. The 8665A incorporates AM, FM, and discretionary pulse modulation, 0.01 Hz recurrence determination and on hand repair and calibration.

This instrument is furnished with a three-wire control cable. At the point when associated with an appropriate AC control repository, this cable grounds the instrument bureau. This Signal Generator requires a power wellspring of (+/ - 10%) 100,120, 220, or 240 V ac from 48 to 440 Hz. Power utilization is 500 VA most extreme. This instrument precisely reenacts various sorts of FM signals utilized as a part of RF correspondence frameworks. Additionally, a wide assortment of unsymmetrical regulation signs can be coupled to the front-board FM connector.

This Signal Generator amplitude balances the RF output with the inside sound source, or with a dc-coupled outer sound source connected to the front-board AM connector. You can't utilize both the inside sound source and an outer sound source in the meantime. The AM connector has an input impedance of 600 Ω. The 8665A has an inner sound source that creates waveforms at rates up to 400 kHz; be that as it may, for exact AM profundity, the sound recurrence rates ought not to surpass the predefined AM 3 dB transfer speed limits. You can at the same time regulate AM with FM or pulse modulation.