Description: High-Performance Signal Generator 2.5 GHz 8663A

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 86xx Signal Generators
Part Number 8663A

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Agilent 8663A Signal Generator

The 8663A is an effective device for assessing satellite frameworks and their parts. By substituting the 8663A as one of the nearby oscillators in a framework, you can be sure that commotion commitment is lessened to a base. The 8663A will expand your RF signal recreation abilities from 100 kHz to 2.56 GHz. This wide recurrence extends permits finish scope of developing RF correspondence groups and the satellite telemetry frameworks using S band. What's more, numerous prominent microwave IF and LO frequencies can be secured. With .1 Hz determination for bearers under 640 MHz (.2 or .4 Hz in higher groups), even narrowband gadgets, for example, crystal filters can be precisely described.

The 8663A is an especially important apparatus for the outline and support of radar/EW frameworks. Elite pulse modulation with concurrent FM, AM and phase modulation permits recreation of complex radar return signals. Concurrent pulse in addition to FM, for instance, can reproduce doppler increasing speed while beat in addition to AM can recreate barometrical lessening. High output energy of +16 dBm with the capacity to get up to +19.9 dBm in finished range frequently eliminates the requirement for outside power enhancers with the 8663A. This high power is helpful for defeating the cabling misfortunes found in expansive ATE frameworks or when the 8663A is utilized to drive the abnormal state blenders or multiplier chains found in neighborhood oscillator substitution applications. Between the scope of +16 dBm and – 119.9 dBm, without a doubt the level exactness is ±1 dB, settling on the 8663A a great decision for exact low level recipient affectability estimations.