Description: High-Performance Signal Generator 1.2 GHz 8662A

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 86xx Signal Generators
Part Number 8662A

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Agilent 8662A Signal Generator

The Agilent 8662A Signal Generator has a Resolution of 0.1 Hz (0.2 Hz over 640 MHz) and an Internal Reference Oscillator of 10 MHz quartz oscillator. The Aging rate < 5 x 10 – 10/after a long time warm-up (normally 24 hrs. in ordinary working condition).

Spectral purity is the key commitment of the Agilent 8662A, making it perfect for some radar, satellite communication, and phase noise estimation applications. Normal absolute phase noise execution of this generator at a 1 kHz counterbalance is as low as – 135 dBc/Hz, depending on the band of operation. It offers flexible AM/FM, utilizing either inside 400 Hz and 1 kHz rates or remotely connected regulating signals which can be either air conditioning or dc-coupled. It likewise has concurrent adjustment capacity. The 8662A give the U.S. Flying corps MATE (Modular Automatic Test Equipment) capacity, by means of Option 700. This alternative is an outside interpreter that enables the signal generator to be controlled by the MA.

Among the most important highlights of this instrument are the following: < - 147 dBc/Hz SSB phase noise at 10 kHz counterbalance, 0.1 Hz of recurrence determination, Internal variable adjustment oscillator and Optional MATE capacity.

The nature of a precision laboratory signal generator is measured by how little noise and spurious signs are available in its output alongside the single-recurrence signal that should be there. No noise at all is impossible. However, the subject of this issue, 8662A Signal Generator, comes as near to ideal as any signal generator now accessible in its frequency range, which is 0.01 to 1280 megahertz.