Description: Pi/4 DQPSK Signal Generator for NADC & PDC 8657D

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 86xx Signal Generators
Part Number 8657D

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Agilent 8657D Pi/4 DQPSK Signal Generator

The Agilent 8657D Signal Generator has a Frequency Range between 10 to 129.9 MHz and includes Pi/4 DQPSK computerized adjustment ability to traditional AM, FM, and pulse modulation positions. The Agilent 8657D expands on the phenomenal execution of the Agilent 8657 signal generator by including advanced digital modulation capacity. The Agilent 8657D gives the execution to test mobiles for North American Digital Cellular (NADC) and Japanese Digital Cellular (PDC) radio frameworks. This model is perfect for in channel testing of simple beneficiaries. Excellent level precision of +/ - 1dB , low transmitted emissions, low lingering commotion, and insignificant contortion settle on the 8657D the best decision. The 8657D makes framework reconciliation simple by having a front-panel and HP-IB and being compatible with the HP 8656B/8657A/8657DB group of economy flag generators.

Radios delivered for the NADC standard must be equipped for working in the simple AMPS cell mode and in addition in the new advanced cell mode. This instrument gives test gear to satisfy the two necessities making it a solitary box arrangement. When it is working the Pi/4 DQPSK mode, the recurrence range is constrained to the accompanying 3 groups: 10 to 129.9 MHz, 810 to 965 MHz, and 1420 to 1540 MHz. The connected Pi/4 DQPSK modulator acknowledges serial data and an image clock from 20 to 25 kHz. Modulator sifting is selectable to either 0.35 or 0.5 root raised cosine separating. AM and FM tweak are not accessible in the Pi/4 DQPSK. This model additionally incorporates a superior modulator.