Description: Synthesized RF Signal Generator 9 kHz to 3200 MHz 8648C

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 86xx Signal Generators
Part Number 8648C

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Agilent 8648C Synthesized RF Signal Generator

The HP Agilent 8648C Synthesized RF Signal Generator is perfect for the professional searching for that higher recurrence range at an efficient cost. Intended for semi-mechanized receiver test, and an assortment of broadly useful applications, the Agilent 8648C begins with the essential capacities of the Agilent 8647A, improves leftover FM, level precision and phase noise execution, offers discretionary pulse modulation and high power, and stretches out the recurrence to 3.2 GHz. While practical, the Agilent 8648C is worked to stringent quality models, advancing dependability and estimation repeatability.

You can maximize the administrator proficiency with the 83300A remote interface. This mouse-like keypad gives fast access to the groupings and capacity enrolls in the signal generator, and additionally RF plentifulness on/off, and balances on/off. At the point when the 83300A is associated with the back board, remote control is readily available. The administrator never again needs to get to the front board of the source. Administrator preparing costs and required expertise level is essentially diminished, while estimation consistency is guaranteed over the generation line. Utilize the 83301A memory interface to improve capacity enlist upkeep when utilizing different 8648 signal generators. The memory interface duplicates the enroll data starting with one instrument then onto the next.

Different components and determinations of the Agilent 8648C Signal Generator include: Superior level precision, Wide recurrence and yield control scope, 9 kHz - 3.2 GHz recurrence go, Optional heartbeat adjustment and high power, Remote and memory interfaces for semi-computerized testing, Simple and trustworthy operation and Small Footprint Saves Bench Space.