Description: Synthesized RF Signal Generator 9 kHz to 2000 MHz 8648B

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 86xx Signal Generators
Part Number 8648B

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Agilent 8648B Economy Signal Generator

The 8648B Signal Generator is proficient to cover a working reach between +13 to - 136 dBm underneath 1GHz. In this model Low Modulation Distortion is essential for symphonious contortion testing. FM distortion of ordinarily under 0.5% enables you to make these estimations with certainty. The 8648B accurately portray receiver hum and noise with the low remaining FM execution of the economy RF signal generators. This instrument is able to rapidly make affectability estimations with the bit of a handle. Two free recurrence and abundance control provide instant access. In this model is possible the increment manual test profitability in semi-mechanized tests, for example, collector tuning and arrangement. Agilent Technologies economy signal generators are perfect for high-volume fabricating.

Intended to rearrange administrator utilize and preparing, the front board is sorted out in simple to-distinguish practical pieces, and offers autonomous recurrence and control handles. The 300 inner storage registers and ten client perceptible groupings effectively adjust to any test strategy. When test setups are spared away registers, administrators can rapidly group through them to productively influence go/to come up short choices or tune a beneficiary.

Keep creation lines up and running with the 8648 series economy signal generators. Intended to Agilent Technologies' stringent quality and unwavering quality particulars, these signal generators are streamlined for long haul steadfastness. The 8648 signal generators are fabricated in an ISO 9002 enlisted office in simultaneousness with Agilent Technologies' sense of duty regarding quality. Utilize the most recent in attenuator innovation to stay aware of the expanding requests of output level cycling. Low value, high unwavering quality and a two year calibration cycle keep cost of possession to a minimum.