Description: Synthesized Signal Generator 100 kHz to 2100 MHz 8642B

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 86xx Signal Generators
Part Number 8642B

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Agilent 8642B Signal Generator

The Agilent 8642B Signal Generator offer AM, FM and pulse modulation over its full recurrence run with a one of a kind double yield segment to enhance tweak qualities at bring down transporter frequencies. Like its predecessors this model utilize a RF divider yield fasten to get bring down recurrence scope with enhanced spectral purity, in any case, the 8642B can, on request, switch in a different HET yield area beneath 132.2 MHZ to acquire enhanced modulation execution over the isolated yield.

A low twisting inside tweak oscillator can be utilized to regulate this model up to 100 kHz rates or as a standalones sound source. The output accessible at the front board is programmable both in recurrence and level giving a free sound oscillator. To enhance instrument accessibility or uptime, this model has been intended to lessen disappointments and disentangle the administration method in case of a disappointment. At the point when utilized as a part of ATE frameworks, this model will enhance general framework up-time, in this manner prompting expanded profitability.

The prescribed adjustment interim for this model is two years, the consequence of a quality plan, environmental sort testing and stringent generation control. This implies the 8642B will be more accessible for basic estimations, not out for adjustment. At the point when adjustment is vital, this current model's Signal Generator Test System can consequently check most justified details for the 8642B in less than 20 minutes. This model can be repaired and recalibrated on location in regularly less than two hours. The 14 inward modules that make up the 8642B all have inflexible I/O specifications permitting a module-trade repair methodology.