Description: Synthesized Signal Generator

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 86xx Signal Generators
Part Number 8642A

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Agilent 8642A Signal Generator

The Agilent 8642A is an incorporated signal generator model is a superior, programmable signal generator for requesting out-of-channel RF beneficiary estimations and other stringent RF applications. It covers the recurrence extend from 100 kHz to 1057.5 MHz. This signal generator gives low SSB phase noise and spurious, high yield level and level precision, and a full scope of adjustment sorts. The low-distortion interior balance oscillator can be utilized to regulate the Agilent 8642A up to 100 kHz rates. This inner oscillator can likewise be utilized as a free sound source with variable rates and levels.

No harmonic spurious are held to underneath - 100 dBc, on this model over 1 GHz and to beneath - 94 dBc. This generator permit recipient spurious dismissal tests to be completely computerized with the most extreme trust in the test outcomes. This instrument plan, superior blenders lessen average synthesizer spurious, and inflexible kick the bucket castings with resilient RF casketing give up to 140 dB of circuit isolation to guarantee low spurious substance on the yield.

This model’s full range is shrouded in one persistent span, notwithstanding, numerous particulars are reliant on transporter recurrence. To improve such determinations, the transporter recurrence ranges are separated into groups. The 8642A has a Resolution between 1Hz, 0.1 Hz with uncommon capacity. The model has a Third Order Intermodulation of <-50 dBc at +10dBm, 2 generators 2 generators 25 kHz separated into a resistive combiner. Regularly diminishes 10 dB for each 5 dB of joined level reduction.