Description: Synthesized Signal Generator Agilent / Keysight / HP

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 837xx Signal Generators
Part Number 83732B

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Agilent 83732B Signal Generator

The Agilent 83732B Signal Generator is the new and economic product that surely will meet all your expectations and needs. Designed under high quality standards, this Agilent instrument has pulse source modes like free-run, activated with delay, doublet, and gated. Activated with deferral, doublet, and gated require outside trigger source. Run of the mill beat regulation on/off proportion at +8 dBm. Most extreme pulse reiteration recurrence is >3 MHz. This model includes least pulse obligation cycle has no limitations on obligation cycle, Pulse level precision of ±1.0 dB (with respect to CW), pulse overshoot <10 %. Information impedance: 50ω ostensible; TTL drive levels. Most extreme leveled yield control in beat mode: – 0.5 dB.

The 83732B acknowledges input motion for outside FM or phase regulation (Option 800). This model offers ostensible impedance of 600 ohms, pulse/trigger entryway, accepts input motion for outside pulse balance, and additionally acknowledges outside trigger pulse contribution for inside pulse models.

This model has frequency for use with mm-wave recurrence multi-nal reference motion for operation from an outside high steadiness timebas, ostensible information impedance is 50ω, 10 MHz Outputs the 10 MHz reference signal, ostensibly +3 dBm, for use as an outer reference signal. The 83732B has 0.5V/GHz output and supplies a voltage corresponding to output frequency for use with mm-wave recurrence multipliers, including the Agilent 83550 Series Millimeter Wave Source Modules.

You can learn more about this product and all its functions and options by reading its manual available on the

TypeSignal Generator
VNA Frequency10 MHz to 20 GHz
Dynamic Range>100 dB
Output Power0.01 to 1 GHz
StatusOne Year
83732B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download

83732B FAQ- Agilent Signal Generator

Frequently Asked Questions


While the 83732B is utilizing the Logarithmic Amplitude Modulation feature, what is the maximum depth?


The maximum depth is >60 dB.



What is the noise figure meter capability?


The Agilent 8370 sources are compatible with the 8970B noise figure meter by using Special Function 41.5.



Do I have to use the Internal phase modulation with a specific Option?


Yes, it can only be used with Option 800.



What does the “Pulse sync out” function do for the 83732B Agilent Signal Generator?


The Pulse sync out capability will output a synchronizing pulse (50 ns width) during internal and triggered pulse moderation.