Description: Keysight 83732A Synthesized Signal Generator, 0.01 to 20 GHz Frequency Range

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 837xx Signal Generators
Part Number 83732A

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Agilent 83732A Synthesized Signal Generator

The Agilent 83732A Synthesized Signal Generator sets another standard for execution at a value that is shockingly moderate. Never again will the user need to surrender frequency range, tweak or unwavering quality to meet a financial plan. This flag source will perform past the user’s desires at a cost well worth it. Basic oscillators and exchanged low-pass channels convey <-55 dBc sounds, dispose of subharmonics, and smother false to <-60 dBc. This signal source gives a lot of yield control (ordinarily >+10 dBm), while spectral purity is kept up even at high power levels (ordinary output control at frequencies underneath 1 GHz +16 dBm).

An implicit multimode pulse generator adds the flexibility to produce activated, doublet, and gated burst beat modes. In addition, logarithmic AM is a standard element in the 83732A Signal Generator. Utilize the > 60 dB profundity log AM and the quick heartbeat balance all the while (filter balance) for precise recreation of reception apparatus examining examples, or range control directly and precisely to test control-sensitive gadgets. The Agilent 83732A offers unmatched execution for testing satellite interchanges and telemetry recipients. This model also has 10 MHz top FM deviations, joined with the most noteworthy balance list accessible

The HP 83732A is intended to remain inside production line specifications for the whole existence of the instrument. The suggested two-year execution check cycle limits downtime and proprietorship cost. Ifa unit ever floats toward the edge of an execution determination, computerized modification schedules provided with every unit can be hurried to restore the unit to manufacturing plant execution. An entire change arrangement requires <6 hours.