Description: 83650B Synthesized Swept-Signal Generator Agilent/Keysight/HP with 0.01 - 50 GHz frequency range

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 836xx Signal Generators
Part Number 83650B

Keysight 83650B Synthesized Swept-Signal Generator

The Keysight 83650B is a 0.01 to 50 GHz Frequency, Synthesized Swept-Signal Generator from the 8360B Series. This instrument comes equipped with an internal modulation generator with square, ramp, noise, sine, and triangular waveforms. As far as its applications are concerned, the 83650B is considered a compelling candidate for a broad range of testing and validation applications, such as antenna scan simulation, communication receiver testing, scalar, and vector network analyzer capability, radar target return simulation, etc. In addition, the Keysight 83650B can be utilized as a microwave source for general applications.

This instrument comes with external detector leveling capabilities and can quickly be leveled through power meter leveling and millimeter module leveling. The Keysight 83650B offers +10, +5, and +2.5 dBm output power for <26.5 GHz, ≥26.5 GHz, and ≥40 GHz output frequencies respectively. This model allows the user to set up their soft key menu to contain most commonly accessed keys. The 83650B features a simple yet highly effective front panel with plenty of possibilities. The soft key and hard key based design of the front panel offers unmatched access to the functions that are simple to use. The soft key modular architecture and flexibility of the 83650B can provide upgrade capabilities.

The Keysight 83650B is fully compatible with other Keysight instruments, such as scalar and network analyzers, millimeter wave source modules, and noise figure systems. This model comes equipped with a GPIB communication interface, which can be controlled remotely by using SCPI commands.

Series836xx Series
TypeSynthesized Swept-Signal Generator
Frequency Range0.01 - 50 GHz
Maximum Output Power+10 dBm
Frequency Resolution1 Hz
Dimensions7.0 × 16.75 × 22.5 inches
Weight60 lb.
83650B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download