Description: 83630L Synthesized Swept-CW Generator Agilent/Keysight/HP with 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz frequency range

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 836xx Signal Generators
Part Number 83630L

Agilent 83630L Synthesized Swept CW Generator

The Keysight 83630L Synthesized Swept-CW Generator has a search mode similar to ALC, where the ALC is incapacitated to wipe out transfer speed constraints. The basic contrast with other models is that when the inquiry mode is empowered, the Swept CW Generator looks for the proper modulator level such that the RF output control after the ALC deactivated matches closely with the power before empowering search mode.

The Swept CW Generator is given a voltage selector (situated on the back board) to match the Swept CW Generator to the AC line voltage accessible at the site of establishment. The user can confirm that the voltage selector has been set to the right line voltage before associating energy to the Swept CW Generator. In specific applications, the Swept CW Generator acts as a controller for a power meter and a printer. Along these lines, the address menu gives access not exclusively to the Swept CW Generator's GPIB address, but also to the address at which the Swept CW Generator expects to see a power meter, and the address at which the Swept CW Generator expects to see a printer.

Each time the Swept CW Generator is turned on, the model plays out a progression of individual tests on the inner CPU, control supplies, and front board. When the individual test is finished, the Agilent 83630L comes back to the same practical arrangement that it was in preceding force o.

Series836xx Series
TypeSynthesized Swept-CW Generator
Frequency Range10 MHz to 26.5 GHz
Maximum Output Power+13 dBm
Switching Time10 ms
Dimensions7.0 × 16.75 × 22.5 inches
Weight60 lb.
83630L ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download