Description: Agilent/Keysight/HP 83623B High Power Swept-Signal Generator with 1 Hz resolution

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 836xx Signal Generators
Part Number 83623B

Keysight 83623B High Power Swept-Signal Generator

The Keysight 83623B is a High Power, 10 MHz to 20 GHz Swept-Signal Generator designed to provide +17 dBm calibrated output power. This model features manual and CW sweep modes and supports various trigger sources as well. The 83623B has start/stop, marker (M1-M2), and center/span control options to offer. In list mode and step sweep mode, this Swept-Signal Generator allows 100 μs to 3.2 s dwell time. The minimum settable output power provided is –20 dBm that can be achieved in 0.02 dB resolution.

The Keysight 83623B features excellent pulse modulation characteristics since it has 80 dB On/Off Ratio and 25 ns Rise/Fall Times. The internal pulse generator incorporated in this Swept-Signal Generator comes with a width range of 1µ to 65 ms and 2 µs to 65 ms period range. While operating in standard AM and Scan mode, the user can achieve a modulation depth of -20 dBm to 1 dB below available power (maximum). In deep AM and Scan mode, the 83623B offers 50 dB below net power.

This instrument supports simultaneous modulations; thus, the FM modulation remains utterly independent of pulse and AM modulation. The Keysight 83623B requires around 30 minutes for a complete warm-up from a cold start. At stable ambient temperature, it takes over 2 hours to warm up to achieve an internal temperature equilibrium. The physical dimensions of this instrument are 7.0 x 16.75 x 25.5 inches and it weighs around 60 lb. To provide a 2 to 26.5 GHz unmodulated reference signal, the Keysight 83623B comes with an SMA female Auxiliary output connector mounted on the back panel.

Series836xx Series
TypeHigh Power Swept-Signal Generator
Frequency Range0.01 - 20 GHz
Frequency Resolution1 Hz (Option 8)
Output Power+17 dBm
Dimensions7.0 × 16.75 × 22.5 inches
Weight60 lb.
83623B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download