Description: Synthesized Swept-Signal Generator with +13 dBm output power

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 836xx Signal Generators
Part Number 83620B

Keysight 83620B Synthesized Swept-Signal Generator

Featured to operate within a frequency range of 0.01 - 20 GHz, the 83620B is a Synthesized Swept-Signal Generator from Keysight. This model supports various sweep control functions including center/span, start/stop, alternate sweep, and marker (M1-M2). This model can also be triggered in auto, external, GPIB, or single mode. In the standard configuration, the Keysight 83620B is designed to provide +13 dBm output power.  This Synthesized Swept-Signal Generator offers 100 μs to 3.2 s dwell time while operating in step sweep mode and list mode. The minimum settable output power is -20 dBm, which can be achieved in 0.02 dB resolution.

The Keysight 83620B is known for its optimum spectral purity performance because it offers –30 dBc spurious signals with <2.0 GHz output frequencies. This instrument features a Z-Axis blanking/marker output, which supplies +ve rectangular pulse during the RF output`s band and retraces switch points. The Z-Axis blanking output also outputs a -ve pulse when the RF is held at a marker frequency.

This model features a volts/GHz output (BNC female) as well. This output supplies proportional voltage to output frequency to 18 volts maximum. For operation from an external time base, the 83620B comes equipped with a 10 MHz reference input that can accept 0 to +10 dBm, 10 MHz ±100 Hz reference signal. The Keysight 83620B can be operated with a 150 (+10/–25%) volts or a 230 (+10/–15%) volts source. While working in typical conditions, this instrument consumes 400 VA maximum,, while the consumption remains around 30 VA in STANDBY mode.

Series836xx Series
TypeSynthesized Swept-Signal Generator
Frequency Range0.01 - 20 GHz
Output Power+13 dBm
SSB Phase Noise<-80 dBc at 10 GHz and 10 kHz offset
Dimensions7.0 × 16.75 × 22.5 inches
Weight60 lb.
83620B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download