Description: RF Plug-in for the Keysight 8350B weighs 14.4 lbs.

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 835xx Signal Generators
Part Number 83599A

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Keysight 83599A RF Plug-in for 8350B

The 83599A is the 10 MHz to 50 GHz RF plug-in frequency source from Keysight Technologies. It offers excellent performance characteristics and provides high output power. The front panel of the 83599A incorporates an easy to control knob for users, along with keyboard control. The keyboard enables the user to enter data for their functional requirements. The user can also program these functionalities. The instrument incorporates a special interface bus for this purpose. This model offers power sweep, alternate sweep, and slope functions to the users. The Keysight 83599A comes with built-in registers to save the measurement data and allows the user to recall their data at any time.

The Keysight 83599A RF plug-in provides reliability for the user. The output power resolution of the instrument is 0.1 dB. The user can program it as per testing requirements. It has the value of greater than 20 dB for a frequency less than 20 GHz.  The value is greater than 12 dB for frequency greater than 20 GHz. The 83599A RF plug-in comes with a male connector of 2.4 mm.

The 83599A has the capability of implementing external modulation schemes for pulse, frequency, and amplitude modulations. The user can order the equipment along with various options and accessories, such as a 60 dB step attenuator, an RF output at the rear panel, an extra manual, and various others. The 83599A usually includes a 2.4 mm female to female adapter for various requirements. The 83599A incorporates a comprehensive set of capabilities for modern engineering requirements.

TypeRF Plug-In
Frequency Range0.01 to 50.0 GHz full band
Frequency Accuracy±100 MHz full band
Minimum Sweep Time30 ms for a single band, 75 ms for <20 GHz sweep width, 150 ms for >20 GHz sweep width
Weight14.4 lbs.
83599A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download