Description: RF Plug-in 83598A with 30 ms, 75 ms, 150 ms sweep times

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 835xx Signal Generators
Part Number 83598A

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Keysight 83598A RF Plug-in for 8350B

The 83598A is a broadband coaxial swept frequency source from Keysight Technologies. It is an RF plug-in for the Keysight 8350B sweep oscillator mainframe. This model has a frequency range of 2.4 MHz to 50 GHz. The 83598A plug-in offers a 2.4 mm connector, which ensures high-performance broadband coaxial measurements. This model has an output power range from +10 dBm to 20 GHz, +3 dBm to 40, and 0 dBm to 50 GHz. It also has a switch selectable high power mode that helps to boosts the RF output to +15 dBm from 2.4 to 20 GHz.

The Keysight 83598A comes with a user-friendly front panel. The front panel has a data entry keyboard and knob options. There is also an interface bus to set plug-in functions. The RF Plug-In offers power sweep, slope, and alternate sweep functions. The 83598A comes with five independent markers and a local oscillator capability. The local oscillator capability helps convert the high-frequency signals to a lower intermediate frequency. This model offers the broadest frequency coverage for mixer measurement systems.

The Keysight 83598A offers a source for various signal generation and simulation applications. It also has CW frequency accuracies better than ±5 to ±25 MHz. The 83598A also has the built-in application of scalar network analysis, which helps to configure the broadband swept scalar measurement system and enhances scalar measurement dynamic range with excellent harmonic performance. This model can also measure the reflection and transmission characteristics of the device.

TypeRF Plug-In
Frequency Range2.4 to 50.0 GHz full band
Frequency Accuracy±100 MHz full band
Minimum Sweep Time30 ms for a single band, 75 ms for 20 GHz sweep width, 150 ms for >20 GHz sweep width
Weight14.4 lbs.
83598A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download