Description: RF Plug-in 83596B with 30 ms, 75 ms, 150 ms sweep times

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 835xx Signal Generators
Part Number 83596B

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Keysight 83596B RF Plug-in for 8350B

The 83596B is an advanced RF plug-in sweep generator from Keysight Technologies. It is a frequency source for the Keysight 8350B sweep oscillator mainframe. This model offers a scalar network analysis capability. The Keysight 83596B has an RF output of 2.4 to 40 GHz in four bands and an auto selection of up to 60 dB of attenuation with its digital control attenuator.  This model also has the capability of performing calibration procedures. It has different output power levels as per an optional feature. This power level range varies from 3 dBm to 5 dBm and the power level accuracy is 2.2 dBm.

The Keysight 83596B offers a modulation function as well, with external AM, Pulse, and external FM modulation features. It has the frequency response of 100 KHz for external AM. It also offers the frequency response of ± 3 dB (DC to 2 MHz) for external FM. The model offers A3S1, A391, and A2SI RF plug-in configuration switches.  The A3SI is an eight-section switch on the digital interface assembly. The A391 is a five-section switch on the pin driver assembly. These switches help to select the operating modes. The 83596B A2SI configuration switch selects the frequency reference modes.  

The Keysight 83596B RF Plug-In has a front and rear control panel to set many functions. This model utilizes a GPIB interface, which enables external computer control to set the front panel functions. The 83596B has a self-test capability as well. The self-test shows error codes on the display. The model also has 2.4 mm connectors available for high-performance broadband coaxial measurements.

TypeRF Plug-In
Frequency Range2.4 to 40 GHz full band
Frequency Accuracy±75 MHz full band
Minimum Sweep Time30 ms (single band) 75 ms (20 GHz sweep width) 150 ms (>20 GHz sweep width)
Weight16 lbs.
83596B ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download