Description: RF Plug-in 83595C with 10 ms single band sweep time

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 835xx Signal Generators
Part Number 83595C

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Keysight 83595C RF Plug-in for 8350B

The 83595C is the high-quality RF signal generator plug-in from Keysight Technologies. This RF Plug-In is created for use with the 8350B. The 83595C offers a frequency range from 0.1 GHz to 26 GHz. This model is an economical solution from Keysight Technologies. It addresses various engineering requirements and enables the user to get extremely accurate measurements. The device implements the mechanism to ensure excellent harmonic performance. This model also has the capability to down-convert the high-frequency signals.

The Keysight 83595C RF plug-in offers a frequency accuracy of ± 12 MHz. The maximum output power level of the instrument is +10 dBm. The accuracy of output power is ± 1.8 dBm. The maximum output signal power offered by the instrument is 20 mW.  The 83595C also implements the mechanism for various modulation techniques. These include pulse, FM, and AM modulation schemes. These are external modulation schemes. The AM mechanism enables the amplitude control up to 15 dB. The typical value for sensitivity in this mode is 1 dB/V.

The Keysight 83595C RF plug-in has the capability of performing calibrated power sweeps. It has the value of greater than 9 dB.  The typical accuracy level of power sweeps is ± 1.5 dB. The 83595C also comes with an auxiliary output at the rear panel. This output enables the fundamental oscillator output from 2.3 to 7 GHz for various requirements.

If you are seeking further information regarding this model, the Keysight 83595C RF Plug-In has a user manual available for download on the apexwaves.com

TypeRF Plug-In
Frequency Range0.01 to 26.5 GHz full band
Frequency Accuracy±50 MHz full band
Minimum Sweep Time10 ms (single band) 30 ms (full band)
Weight13.2 lbs.
83595C ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download