Description: Millimeter-Wave Source Module 83557A with GPIB interface

Manufacturer Keysight Technologies
Series 835xx Signal Generators
Part Number 83557A

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Keysight 83557A Millimeter-Wave Source Module

The 83557A is the 50 to 75 GHz millimeter-wave source module from Keysight. The device incorporates smart measurement features. The 83557A can provide test signals for waveguide bands for the entire frequency range. The device offers modulation capabilities, which enable the user to simulate radar and ECM threat procedures. This model can process two different modulation schemes at the same time, which allows the user to perform pulse and amplitude modulation simultaneously. This is usually accomplished for the RF signal under test. It simulates the effect of an antenna scan for various testing requirements.

The 83557A millimeter-wave source module can perform scalar measurements. Scalar measurements help the user in various types of network analysis. It incorporates the efficient frequency multipliers for scalar measurements. It works in specific configurations for two-tone sweep measurements. It enables the user to perform broadband testing for various ty pes of equipment, including mixers, front-ends of receivers, and frequency translators. The device also incorporates a digital display, which permits the user to view different indicators and functional values, and helps in efficient and fast measurements. The model has control options on the front panel and offers a simple interface for navigating through the menu.

The 83557A millimeter-wave source module offers a high power level at the output, which aids the user in completing fast and accurate measurements. The instrument also offers amazing sensitivity for measurement accuracy for FM and phase-lock mode. The 83557A millimeter-wave source module comes in a compact shape and only weighs around 1.7 kg, making it easily portable.

TypeMillimeter-wave Source Module
Frequency Range50 to 75 GHz
Input Frequency12.5 to 18.75 GHz
Weight4 lbs.
83557A ManualUser Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download